To apply to the school, students must have at least a two-year university level of studies (equivalent to the L2 European level). Students take entrance examinations whose terms and conditions are available on the site in June.
Foreign students may apply at any level of the curriculum, which is a way of establishing international exchanges – an essential part of the school philosophy – with students from all over the world.

The application process for foreign students is the following :
Each student has to provide the school with a portfolio comprising of personal creations (such as DVDs of films and/or photographs, sound recordings etc.) a cover letter and a C.V. both in French, copies of degrees and school transcripts (which may need to be translated into French). These documents must be sent to the school in the course of May (see website for deadline at the following address :

Isabelle Labrouillère
International Relations
56, rue du Taur
31000 Toulouse

Choices are made on the basis of these documents by a commission which meets every June. Part of the decision-making process depends on the number of applicants and is subject to availability within a given programme.

Applicants may be asked to have an interview with members of the commission (by telephone mainly) to verify their abilities in French. In all cases, most foreign students are encouraged to attend DEFLE classes (French for foreign students) at Mirail University.