Retour à l'accueil Corrida 2022
What is the "Corrida Audiovisuelle" ?


To us, the audiovisual corrida is a highlight of our university year which provides each of our student with an opportunity to offer his work to the public gaze. It is also an annual meeting between film schools from all over the world to have exchanges about teaching practices, cinematographic and cultural approaches. It is not a competition. What we are eager to promote is the opportunity to exchange on varied realisations, whose styles are sometimes still tentative, not yet totally matured.


Each year, ENSAV invites about ten schools, represented by their director or one of their teachers, and a student, for a whole week of screenings and debates.


In front of the other schools and a wide audience, the delegation presents a selection of its works that are representative of the teaching of the school, which means they are not necessarily the best films made by the school, but rather exercises showing the students' work in progress.